Sr. Machine Learning Engineer (Computer Vision)
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Phiar Technologies
工作類型: 全職
經驗需求: 不限
薪資範圍: 年薪150~250萬台幣,可議
刊登日期: 2021-08-04 05:09:57
有效期限: 2022-12-31


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  • #徵才 #AI #ComputerVision #ML #AR 你希望你的工作,可改變人們未來的生活嗎? 這間 #美國 公司,創辦人是 #台灣人,在做超酷的汽車前擋風玻璃上的 #擴增實境  導航,在找至少碩士以上的 #工程師#會說英語,在IEEE發過論文的博士優先考慮。可以在台灣,完全 #遠距工作。年薪150~250萬台幣,可以再談。若你或 #朋友 有興趣挑戰的話,歡迎私訊我(。我會讓您直接和他們的HR聯絡,謝謝 
  • Silicon Valley Startup Company started from 2017 with tier-1 mega VCs and Y Combinator invested it!
  • World’s first AI navigation platform for Automotive industry
  • Bringing expertise in deep learning, computer vision, software optimization, and UX design.
  • The candidate should have experience with classical and deep learning computer vision techniques in object recognition, semantic segmentation, or 3D geometry. 
  • Knowledge and experience in statistical machine learning and optimization is a plus.



  • MS or PhD in Computer Science or other related field, with a focus in Computer Vision
  • Familiar with OpenCV, and able to write clean code in Python and/or C/C++ with it
  • Working knowledge in one of the popular deep learning frameworks (i.e. Torch, PyTorch,Keras, Caffe/Caffe2, Tensorflow)

Proficient in two of the following topics

  • Object detection and localization
  • Object tracking
  • Semantic segmentation and image segmentation
  • Sampling methods, optimization, graphical models, and statistical machine learning
  • Have to be able to communicate with English and Chinese

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