Sr. Data Engineer
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awoo Intelligence Inc. (AI Lab)
工作類型: 全職
經驗需求: 3 年以上
薪資範圍: 依能力經驗面議
工作職稱: Sr. Data Engineer
刊登日期: 2021-04-01 11:15:11
有效期限: 2021-08-31

awoo Intelligence Inc. (awoo 株式会社), we are Japanese company with users around the Taiwan and Japan that focused on AIxMarTech, offering an dynamic growth environment to work with creative technologies of specific domain-knowhow, to go with a fast-paced company to achieve AI powered products to global.

We are hiring for Sr. Data Engineer professionals that international engineering with global datasets, will take part in:
- Design and implement CI/CD that includes automation processing whole pipeline and script base on requirements of algorithm models. 
- Design large and expansive scale, implement distributed computing of data.
- Data cleaning, preprocessing and high performance data conversion.

- Implement and integrate data/text mining algorithms.
- Optimize tools of data engineering.
- Research new tools, frameworks and algorithms relate with data.
- Analyze data, logs and efficiency, then improve them.

If you have the following experience that of three, will be highly considered:
- Large data cleaning and preprocessing experience.
- Large system/software constructed and refactory experience.
- Improved large database efficiency and performance.
- Agile development.
- Algorithms design and development.
- SaaS experience.

Must have:
- Designed and implemented CI/CD automation processing (incl. script programming), and solved the crash problems. 
- Actually implemented the container and k8s, or others cluster-structure.
- Cloud computing, queue and balance, distributed systems and networking.
- Database ability that one of RMDB, BigQuery and NoSQL.
- GCP experience that include Pubsub, GCS, GCR, GCE, BigQuery, Dataflow, Dataproc.
- Familiar with linux, python or golang, git, docker and script.
- Familiar with OOP, design pattern and unit-test.
- Familiar with ETL that include Spark and pipeline.
- At least RESTFul API experience.
- At least the ability to communicate in English.
- Open minded.

Good to have:
- Microservice experience.
- Japanese ability.
- Algorithms and Mathematics that calculus, linear algebra and probability.
- UNIX, LINUX core system knowledge.
- Multithreading, Multitasking and Multiprocessing experience.
- Familiar with code review.
- Video streaming experience.
- Dashboard and data analytics experience.

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