AI Developer (GAN)
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工作類型: 全職
經驗需求: 3 年以上
薪資範圍: 年薪1.2M (依實際面試結果評估)
工作職稱: AI Developer (GAN)
刊登日期: 2020-03-14 14:05:47
有效期限: 2020-04-30


MXI is a US-based software development consultancy focused on enabling traditional industries with technology since 2003 with a global workforce of over 300. We offer a wide range of software development and staffing services to clients of all sizes. Current and past clients include early-stage startups all the way to fortune 500 companies like Microsoft.



Our clients, a high potential and fast growing Hong Kong based early stage start-up is currently looking for an AI developer (GAN) to take part in the design and development of AI technologies that will transform the industry. The location of this role will be in Taipei, Taiwan, where part of the engineering team is located.

Message from our client:

We believe that imagination can take us everywhere, and also believe in “Building Imaginations into Reality”. Therefore, we devoted to building easy to use tools to visualise one’s ideas by using AI technology to create software applications to bring imaginations to live.

To reach this goal, we need passionate people that have the ability of creativity and innovation that want to impact the projects and organizations that they work with.

We are looking for an exceptional AI Developer (GAN) to join our world-class cross-functional team.



As an AI Developer engineer, you must be an innovative researcher with a passion for technology to develop the next generation of seld-generated visual contents. The focus of this role is on Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) research and development. The position requires a combination of education and experience in computer graphics, computer science, and machine learning.

Primary responsibilities include:

  • Plan and execute cutting-edge research to advance the state-of-the-art in seld-generated visual contents.
  • Develop new advanced technologies related to the generation of photorealistic images and videos.
  • Formulation of new lighting models and photorealistic rendering methods
  • Collaborate with other researchers, engineers, and 3D artists to the prototype software solution, experiments and concepts that advance the entire project.

Candidate Profile:

The team is cross-functional based. So it is a must that a successful candidate would possess a high degree of adaptability and a strong ability to maintain effective communications with other team members. You are who we are looking for if you are:

  • a good problem solver, someone who looks beyond bare requirements to try and understand the underlying business purpose
  • a good communicator, able to work both independently and with the team as necessary
  • a team player. not afraid to share ideas and opinions, but also able to stay on script and execute within a defined plan
  • pragmatic, get-things-done approach coupled with solid object-oriented best practices
  • self-motivated, enjoy programming, carry strong work ethic, ability to get things done without hand-holding or micromanagement

Qualifications Skills, Abilities, and Experience:

  • Master or PhD in the field of Computer Graphics or Computer Science with a proven academic track-record or equivalent experience.
  • Experience in physically-based rendering, light transport equation, illumination models, spatially variant BRDF, subsurface scattering shading, materials properties, path-tracing, caustics, Monte Carlo methods.

Minimum Education Level:

  • Master or PhD in the field of Computer Graphic or Computer Science with a proven academic

Nice to Haves:

  • Experience with high-end VFX and/or video game lighting pipeline and architecture
  • Experience with real-time shaders implementation
  • Proven track record of achieving significant results as demonstrated by grants, fellowships, patents, as well as first-authored publications at leading computer graphics workshops or conferences such as SIGGRAPH
  • Experience with machine learning and state-of-the-art deep learning models (CNN, VAE, GAN)
  • Fluent English in speaking, reading, writing and listening 

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