Sr. Data Scientist (NLP)
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華邦電子 (智慧資料應用部)
工作類型: 全職
經驗需求: 不限
薪資範圍: 依能力經驗面議
工作職稱: Sr. Data Scientist (NLP)
刊登日期: 2020-01-09 11:47:38
有效期限: 2020-03-31

Winbond is building a data intelligence team to increase productivity, data capability, and business impact. This team is in charge of enterprise data platform, AI and BI solutions to empower not only business operation but also strategic decisions. We are looking for Senior Data Scientist who is specialized in NLP to join this new and world-class data intelligence team. You’ll collaborate with other Data Scientists, Data Engineers, and various domain-subject experts to build and enhance data intelligence applications.


  • Collaborate with teams to develop creative solutions relying on Natural Language Processing (NLP) to help improve productivity and discover business insights.
  • Leverage data across departments and from multiple sources to discover core intelligence about customers, and products, etc. Help identify business opportunities and provide actionable insights through analysis or models.
  • Collaborate with teams across Winbond to identify opportunities in productivity enhancement, to propose and implement solutions.
  • Stay informed of new developments in NLP technologies and adopt them for our use cases as appropriate. Proactively learn state-of-art of data science, technology and best practice. Share and promote critical mindset, concepts, knowledge, tools across Winbond.

Required Qualifications

  • Strong working knowledge in Text preprocessing and wrangling, Text classification, Text clustering, Text summarization, Sentiment analysis, Entity extraction and recognition, Topic model, etc. Knowledge or experience in one or more following areas a plush: information retrieval, machine learning, data mining, time-series analysis/modeling, optimization algorithms, re-enforcement learning, statistics.
  • Passion for understanding new domain knowledge, learning new skills, and experimenting new practices.
  • Strong working knowledge of programming languages, such as R, Python, java, or C++/C#.
  • Knowledge or experience in ElasticSearch, Hadoop, or Spark is a plus.
  • Excellent project management, communication, and leadership skills including producing quality deliverables under tight deadlines.
  • Great interpersonal skills and ability to work in a collaborative environment and cross-functionally.


Relevant Skills/Experiences: Jieba, spaCy, Pytorch, 自然語言處理,中文分詞, 命名實體識別, 詞性標註, 語義分析, 句法分析, 關係抽取, 文本分類, 情感分類, 輿情分析, 問答系統, 智能客服, 機器翻譯, 文本生成, 文本摘要, 知識圖譜

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