Sr. Data Engineer 資深資料工程師
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17直播_英屬維京群島商麻吉一七股份有限公司臺灣分公司 (Data Team)
工作類型: 全職
經驗需求: 3 年以上
薪資範圍: 面議
刊登日期: 2020-01-03 13:59:48
有效期限: 2020-11-30

17 Media is the world leader in the live streaming industry and real-time content sharing mobile application for celebrities, entertainers, and influencers. We allow users to create and share their lives through live streams and photos, all while earning royalties.


We are a global company, with users in more than 50 countries. We offer a dynamic work environment, and an opportunity to collaborate with passionate individuals and leading-edge technologies. As we rapidly expand across the world, we are looking for dedicated professionals to be a part of our family, to be part of our vision to be the global champion in live media and entertainment.


We are current hiring for Sr. Data Engineer professionals that will take part in: 

As a Senior Data Engineer, you work on a small team as our fast-paced business grows and evolves. We need our engineers to be versatile and passionate to tackle new problems as we continue to push the technology forward.

You will be in charge of:

  1. Develop and operate data warehouse system. 
  2. Build ETL pipeline for data collection, processing and aggregation.
  3. Support data analysis tasks.
  4. Apply your skills in a business that truly improve the quality of the product.
  5. Work in a team of talented analysts/engineers and discover new ways to help the company succeed.


You will be highly considered if you have the following experience: 

  1. At least 3 years experience in software development.
  2. Build ETL/Data Pipeline with Cloud Solution
  3. Data Modeling with SQL, Python, and R
  4. User Experience Analytics or Customer Sentiment Analysis
  5. Experience with mobile app's user behavior
  6. Data Storytelling and Presentation


Good to have:

  1. Familiar with BigQuery and GCP's data solution
  2. Experience with applying machine learning technique
  3. Knowledge of probability and statistics
  4. Experience of Predicting User/Consumer Behavior
  5. Experience of Building/Operating Data Lake


亞洲即時互動體龍頭17 Media秉持讓內容創作者發光發熱的使命,提供創作者影音平台進行直播互動、節目錄製與表演的舞台,更落實健全的系統化模式,從挖掘、培訓到宣傳,致力打破傳統經紀公司的模式,並攜手橫跨娛樂、網紅經紀等產業的合作夥伴,壯大海內外發展、布局全球,引領世界進入直播新媒體世代。


17 Media 歡迎對以下工作內容有興趣的 資深資料工程師 加入我們的大家庭!

配合 17 Media 快速的業務擴展,做為一位資深資料工程師,您將在一個敏捷的團隊中工作。隨著我們不斷地推動技術發展,我們需要工程師能解決各種問題,能對新挑戰充滿熱情。在這裡,您將負責:

  1. 開發及維運資料倉儲系統
  2. 建立 ETL 流程來收集、處理、重整資料
  3. 支援分析資料相關的工作
  4. 運用您的技術讓產品的品質及方向更好
  5. 和一群聰明的夥伴一起尋找能幫助公司成功的方向



  1. 三年以上的軟體開發經驗
  2. 基於雲端解決方案來建立 ETL 流程
  3. 利用 SQL, Python, R 來建立資料模型
  4. 做過使用者體驗分析或客戶情緒分析
  5. 做過手機 app 使用者行為分析
  6. 根據資料說故事及表達的能力



  1. 熟悉 Google 的雲端資料解決方案,例如 BigQuery
  2. 有使用過機器學習技術的經驗
  3. 具有機率及統計的相關背景知識
  4. 有做過使用者行為預測的經驗
  5. 有開發過資料湖泊 (Data Lake) 的經驗


Please use the following link to apply for the role:

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