瀏覽人數: 1533
投遞人數: 10
工作類型: 全職
經驗需求: 不限
薪資範圍: 依能力經驗面議
工作職稱: AI工程師
刊登日期: 2019-12-10 09:34:40
有效期限: 2022-12-31


1. 機器學習系統之模型培訓和解決方案設計、改善、與創新。
2. 開發新一代智慧製造、智慧醫療、自主機器等之機器學習技術與產品原型。
3. 技術領域包含電腦視覺、時間序列預測、自然語言處理等。 * 美國矽谷國際化團隊,扁平化管理,技術問題大家會一起激盪出解法。
Job Description The mission of Inventec AI Center is to advance Inventec’s manufacturing capability & efficiency for Industry 4.0, and to prototype and investigate future AI products & opportunities. As an AI Engineer, one has to have an innate curiosity for new algorithms, and a strong ability to learn new technologies quickly. The individual must possess deep, hands-on technical skills and be familiar with AI development tools and environments. He or she will be involved in all stages of R&D, including problem definition, AI/ML system design, model training, and solution analysis. He or she will work with other groups of the company or outside partners, and therefore good communication and teamwork skills are critical for this role. Required Qualifications · MS/PhD in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science/Machine learning/Statistics/Math/Physics/Neuroscience or relevant practical experience. · 2+ years of hands-on experience in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/Computer Vision/Nature Language Processing (AI/ML/CV/NLP) development. · Good communication skills, self-motivation and teamwork ability. Preferred Experience · Proven experience with deep learning frameworks such as PyTorch and TensorFlow · Fluency in Python and/or C/C++ · Experience with AI CI/CD tools, embedded system (Arduino, Raspberry PI), robot (ROS), or Verilog.

擅長Python,具Computer Vision、Deep Learning或AI相關軟體(Caffe/TensorFlow)開發經驗

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