Android / iOS developer
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工作類型: 全職
經驗需求: 3 年以上
薪資範圍: 依能力經驗面議
工作職稱: Android / iOS developer
刊登日期: 2018-12-20 11:27:14
有效期限: 2020-01-31

About the role: 
The ideal candidate will have good understanding of front end technologies and a curious mind with a craving towards learning new things. 
We're seeking strong Android and iOS engineers looking to use their knowledge of mobile development and keen to start shaping user experiences more directly. Experience with scaling systems and cloud technology to support services in the mobile environment is a must. If you're excited about mobile development, committed to thoughtful design, and like tackling problems of unprecedented scale on a small, fast-moving team, you'll fit right in here. 

What you’ll do: 
- Carry ideas/concepts through analysis and evaluation; then develop, test, deploy and support complex software system. 
- Be able to work at the highest technical level of all phases of applications programming activities. 
- Provide high level verbal and written communications such as design documents, presentation, decision documents, or research papers. 
- Design and build advanced applications for the IOS/Android platform 
- Collaborate with server teams to define, design, and ship new services 
- Work with outside data sources and APIs 
- Work on bug fixing and improving application performance 
- Continuously discover, evaluate, and implement new technologies to maximize development efficiency. 

Who you are: 
- You’re not just looking for a job, you’re looking for an innovative product where you can make a large impact 
- Experiences with agile software development 
- Self-starter, ability to gather requirements and provide solution 
- Proven software development experience 
- Proven working experience in IOS/Android development 
- Have published at least one original IOS/Android app 
- Experience working with remote data via Network connection to servers over TCP 
- Experience with third-party libraries and APIs 
- Working knowledge of the general mobile landscape, architectures, trends, and emerging technologies 
- Solid understanding of the full mobile development life cycle 
- Enthusiasm 
- Curiosity 
- Able to communicate freely in both English and Mandarin with your team 

1. 在Tomofun每天都可以帶你的寵物來上班,讓你們時時刻刻都在一起,毛小孩們永遠不寂寞。 
2. 可以和對科技創新充滿熱情的跨國團隊一同合作,各領域好手齊聚一堂,相處融洽,彼此腦力激盪,創意無限!
3. 永遠都滿到不行的零食櫃,冰箱飲料、點心無限量供應,上班時絕對不會讓你餓肚子!
4. 舒適又具創意的工作環境,像家一樣溫馨自在。 
5. 不定期的公司活動(電影日/披薩日/按摩日),在Tomofun讓你兼顧生活與工作的平衡。
6. 每年正職員工皆享有年度健康檢查,不只照顧你的頭腦也照顧你的身體。 
7. 無限期休假制度,努力工作同時也要用力玩樂生活! 
8. 每位正職員工配有兩台Furbo,讓你隨時可以與家中寵物互動! 
9. 每兩週皆有下午茶日與每月慶生會,各種台北知名下午茶甜點免排隊送到你桌上! 
10. 圖書館中有豐富有趣的書籍,可以隨時借閱,也歡迎推薦各類好書,讓我們一同成長。 
11. Tomofun長久以來專注社會公益議題,公司不定期有志工日和志工計畫,歡迎在工作之餘,也可以與我們一同讓世界更好。 
12. 員工旅遊和不定期戶外活動! 
13. 每月月會後一起跟同事們吃大餐,人生就是要好好吃美食! 
14. 每位員工都是Tomofun的珍貴資產,各個面向的內外部訓練,讓你在各階段都能與我們一同成長。 
15. 無打卡制度,彈性上下班時間,你可以依照自己的作息彈性調配。

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